“Extension” and “the new business normal”

How does the term  “Extension” and “the new business normal” go together?

The definition of an Extension is “an amount by which something is increased, or something added to something else”.

The “new normal” is a term being used in business, economics and everyday life that refers to conditions following the Covid-19 crisis. The term has since been used in a variety of other contexts to imply that something which was previously abnormal has become commonplace.

The “new normal” dictates a whole new way of doing business.  Some processes will be short term others will stay in for the duration.  Managing communications internally and externally and all the new PPE items that need to be provided to both your employees and clients can be a full time job. This is where an “extension” comes in.  

In my entire career assisting clients with print management needs, I have strived to become part of my clients culture to where I am an extension of their business.  The client manages Vintage and Vintage manages the products and services needed to successfully execute the client’s objectives.

Managing multiple facilities and employees working from home can be a major challenge.

You could be working with multiple partners coordinating:

  • Social Distancing Graphics                               
  • PPE for your employees and clients
  • Hand Sanitizers                                                       
  • Care Packages to your employees
  • Internal and External mailings                          
  • Updating print and digital brochures
  • Shipping these items to all your locations     
  • and on and on

With the new stresses that have been inflicted on businesses due to the Covid-19 crisis more then ever is it important to evalute business operations and where you can leverage relationships.

Vintage Business Solutions has proven itself as that extension to many organizations. Our relationships and our ability to engage and understand our clients business environment has allowed us to be that extension for Marketing, Operation, Information Services and Procurement departments. Allow our seasoned staff to be that “extension” for your business. The advanced reporting tools and online ordering portals customized for your unique business allow for a seamless extension.  Please contact us today to learn more about how Vintage can align with your business. 

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